Policies and Procedures

Selection of Coaches

The Board of Directors will select Head Coaches. All coaches are subject to background checks. The Head Coach will select his/her coaches, who are subject to Board Approval.

Selection of Players

Girls who live within the boundary lines for Appleton East High School and are enrolled at Appleton East High School will be given primary consideration when selecting the team. A roster may have a maximum of three girls who reside outside the Appleton East High School Boundaries.

Teams will be formed based on eligible players who submit a tryout form and attend sanctioned team tryouts. Players will be graded by members of both the Board and Coaches. The Board will decide the final team rosters based on tryouts and feedback from coaches on previous seasons performance.

Selection of Teams

Each team will have a minimum of ten (10) players on the roster, but no more than thirteen (13) players. If a team does not have a minimum number of players (10), or falls below the minimum number during the tournament season, the ongoing status of the team will be subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Under special circumstances, a player may play for two (2) different South Appleton Rockers Softball Association teams subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

A non-roster player may be added for one tournament subject to approval by the Board of Directors. If a non-roster player is added for more than one (1) tournament, they are subjected to the annual individual player fee and must meet all other eligibility requirements as required by South Appleton Rockers Softball Association.

Player Classification and Eligibility

Teams will generally be formed based on last grade attended in school. In some cases, a girl may be placed on a team different than her actual school grade due to previous participation with that team. A girl may also “play up” a grade or age group if approved by the Board of Directors. Final classification must comply with ASA/NSA eligibility defined as: age as of January 1 of the current year.

A copy of the player’s birth certificate must be on file with the Registrar/Coach.