Player Registration

Please complete all of the required google forms using the links below to register your daughter for the upcoming season. You will need to complete all of the forms before the mandatory Parent/Player meeting. 

Athlete Medical Release Form to be filled out using this Google Form.

Parent & Athlete Agreementto be filled out using this Google Form.

Photo Release Form for Minors to be filled out using this Google Form.

Withdrawal Player policy: If you decide to withdraw from playing with the Rocker we will refund player registration as follows:
– Full Refund if notified by October 1st
– 50% refund if notified before November 30th
– No refund after Dec 1st

If you are already registered and simply need to order a uniform, please click here to fill out the uniform form

    Player Information
    Full Name *
    Current Player # (if applicable)
    Address *
    City *
    Zip Code *
    Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) *
    School Attending *
    Grade *
    Age on 12/31 of that year *
    Parent Information
    Full Name *
    Phone Number *
    E-mail Address *
    Parent Code of Conduct
    I will ensure that my daughter is on time for practices and games.
    If my daughter is unable to make a practice or game, I will notify the coach as soon as possible.
    I will attend as many games as possible supporting, not only my daughter, but the entire team.
    I will exhibit good sportsmanship. I will respect the coach’s decisions.
    I understand that if I have a grievance I will reach a resolution as outlined in the SARSA guidelines.
    I understand that if I exhibit flagrant and/or unsportsmanlike conduct toward umpires, coaches, players, or other parents, I will be asked to stay away from games and my daughter may be removed from the roster.
    Player Code of Conduct
    I understand my first responsibility, when playing softball, is to my team.
    I will promote and embrace the TEAM concept.
    I will display good sportsmanship.
    I will be gracious in victory and defeat.
    I understand I am representing my community and will do so with pride.
    I will respect umpires and fans.
    I will honor my coaches’ decisions. I will remember they are doing their best to help develop my skills, win the game, and treat all players fairly.
    Additional Information

    Please bring the following information to the Parent/Player Meeting:

    • Copy of the child's birth certificate
    Payment Information

    Registration Fee: 8U and 10U - $300, 12U and up - $350

    Player's Team *
    Payment Type *
    Terms & Conditions
    I/We the Parents of the Player named above hereby give my/our approval to her participation in any SARSA activities. I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities; and I/We do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless SARSA, the organizers, supervisors, coaches, participants and persons the amount covered by accident and liability insurance.

    By digitally signing and dating this form, you are agreeing to adhere to the Codes of Conduct and Terms & Conditions laid out above.
    Signature of Parent/Guardian (type full name) *
    Signature of Player (type full name) *
    Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy) *
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